Cha-cha basic x 5 (video)

chacha cover

This is already my fifth tutorial (yey!) in two months of blogging! Planning many of them ahead :) I highly encourage all dancers to be different, and you get to see that in my videos: salsa on clave, Bachata x 10, salsa x 5 (Ep. 1) and salsa x 5 (Ep. 2).

This time, it’s all about cha-cha. In Romania, our dj’s play very little son, bolero or other music genres we could dance cha-cha to. And it’s a pity, because cha-cha is a great dance, the music is so getting to your blood and the connection between partners can get truly special. Personally, I feel very feminine when I dance cha-cha. The rhythm is a bit challenging to stick to, but the more difficult the song is, the more we work on our musicality.

Plus, if you think it may get boring to do the same cha-cha step in all the figures, I give you now 5 ideas of what to do instead of the cha-cha step.

How do you find cha-cha? Share with us in the comments :)


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