5 more salsa lessons from Dani K

You know those salsa classes where there is nothing to record at the end? No choreo, no super cool moves, nothing to post online so everyone can see what they missed. I love those. And thanks to the guys who invented blogging, I can happily write down what I cannot record.

Last year I shared with you five ideas taken from the amazing Dani K during several of his workshops. It seems that Romanians charmed Dani so much that he can’t help coming back here every year. And I can’t help writing another article about his classes.dani k

Five ideas  from Dani’s workshops at the 5th Salsa Linda Fest, Targoviste (December 2015): Continuarea


5 salsa lessons from Dani K

dani kPhoto –  Dani K
ersiunea în limba română – 5 lecţii de dans de la Dani K

I attended Dani K’s classes in December 2014 Târgoviște/ Salsa Linda Fest and Oportunidad Escuela de Baile / Bucharest. If any of you might wonder why it took me so long to write down a few things I learnt from him… Continuarea